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Discover the Green ERA-Hub's latest series of Breakfast Club sessions, especially for postdoctoral researchers and PhD students who want to broaden their expertise and network with leading experts! For the upcoming trimester (January - March 2024), we are focusing our spotlight on biotechnology as a catalyst for advancing sustainable solutions in the field of the bioeconomy. We look forward to your participation in this exclusive series!


🗓️ Mark your calendar: Every month, join us for a stimulating morning session tailored just for you. The Green ERA-Hub Breakfast Club offers access to cutting-edge research insights, invaluable skills and a wealth of funding opportunities.


🎙️ Distinguished experts from academia and industry, and esteemed voices from civil society will grace our virtual stage. Don't miss this unique opportunity to connect with senior figures who have pioneered breakthroughs in their respective fields.


🔍 Unveil the Future: Dive into the latest research breakthroughs and sharpen your skill set. Our series of webinars will empower you with the tools and insights you need to thrive in your academic journey.


🌍 Let's Talk to advance Sustainable solutions for Bioeconomy: Our inaugural webinar series kicks off with a deep dive into "Microbial Innovations Driving Circular Economy". Gain insight into these cutting-edge issues that are revolutionising the sustainability of our bioeconomy. Join us and seize the opportunity to connect, learn, and grow with like-minded peers and visionaries. Embark on a transformative journey with the Green ERA-Hub Breakfast Club. Your academic prowess awaits – see you there and stay tuned for updates, speaker announcements, and more exciting topics in the pipeline.


🕙 All sessions start at 10 am CET – a perfect time to nourish your mind and ignite your intellectual curiosity. Be sure to adjust the timing to your local zone!



Breakfast Club 12: Wednesday, April 10th


Dr. Raymond Kelly: Head of Research Support at Teagasc, Ireland. Representative of the EU Member States and Associated Countries on the International Bioeconomy Forum (IBF). Member of the Impact 2030 Implentation Group and the Horizon Europe High Level Group.

- Title: Career development and funding opportunities for Early Career Researchers

Dr. Orlaith Ni Choncubhair: Senior Officer at Teagasc, Ireland. Member of the Irish Bioeconomy Implentation Group and the International Advisory Council on Global Bioeconomy. Coordinator of the EU-funded RefreSCAR project.

- Title: Career development and funding opportunities for Early Career Researchers


Video: 📚💡Career Development and Funding Opportunities for Early Career Researchers💰


Breakfast Club 11: Thursday, March 21st


Prof. Bettina Siebers: Professor of Molecular Enzyme Technology and Biochemistry & Environmental Microbiology. University of Duisburg-Essen

- Title: Thermophilic bacterial and archaeal chassis for extremolyte production

Prof. Trygve Brautaset: Professor at the Department of Biotechnology and Food Science. Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

- Title: Replacing food competing feedstocks with Methanol, CO2 and Methylamine for a Sustainable Bioeconomy


Video: 🔥🔥Extremophilic Bacteria: 🧬 Biotechnological Opportunities and Applications.



Breakfast Club 10: Wednesday, March 6th

🌏Unlocking Sustainable Solutions: Discover how cutting-edge microbial technologies are revolutionizing bioproduction. From converting organic waste into eco-friendly oils through oleaginous fermentation to engineering microbial communities to transform wood into valuable medium-chain carboxylates. @GreenERAHub  @Cell4Chem 


Dr. Cristina Gonzalez: Senior Researcher & Head of the Biotechnological Processes Unit. IMDEA Energy Institute

- Title: Sustainable oleochemicals bioproduction from carboxylates via oleaginous fermentation.

Dr. Heike Sträuber: Senior Scientist at the Research Group of Microbiology of Anaerobic Systems. Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research

- Title: Engineering microbial communities for the conversion of lignocellulose into medium-chain carboxylate


Video: Production of Microbial Oils and Use of Lignocellulosic Feedstock by Microbial Communities.


Breakfast Club 9: Thursday, February 22nd

🧪Discover how engineered proteins are revolutionizing enzyme assembly for enhanced efficiency. Then, explore into the fascinating world of algae production platforms and their potential for generating high-value chemicals. Join us as leading experts share insights, advancements, and the future of biotechnological innovation.



Prof. Aitziber Lopez Cortajarena: Research Professor at the Basque Foundation for Science & Scientific Director at CIC biomaGUNE

- Title: Engineered proteins as scaffolds to assemble efficient multi-enzyme systems

Prof. Alison Smith: Professor of Plant Biochemistry in the Department of Plant Sciences. University of Cambirdge

- Title: Developing algal production platforms for high value chemicals


Video: 🧬Protein Engineering and 🥒Microalgae Bioreactors



Breakfast Club 8: Thursday, February 8th

⚗️Uncover the realm of synthetic biology and engineered microbial communities in our talk on sustainable bioproduction. Witness the fusion of cutting-edge synthetic biology techniques with microbial engineering, paving the way for environmentally conscious and efficient bioproduction methods.



Dr. Katarina Cankar: Senior Scientist Plant Biochemical Diversity. Wageningen University

- Title: Biotechnological production of sustainable indole

Dr. Rodrigo Ledesma-Amaro: Reader in Synthetic Biology, Department of Bioengineering. Imperial College London

- Title: Synthetic biology and engineered microbial communities for sustainable bioproduction


Video: 🦠Engineered Microbial Communities for Sustainable Bioproduction.



Breakfast Club 7: Thursday, January 25th

🦠 📚 Embark on a scientific voyage as we unravel the mysteries of yeast-bacteria co-cultures in continuous cultivation. Join us in exploring the cutting-edge realm of biotechnology at the cellular membrane, where innovation meets wine production. Witness the delicate dance of microorganisms and uncover the scientific marvels shaping the world of biotech.



Prof. Frank Delvigne: Professor in Microbial Biotechnology. Université de Liège

- Title: Control of yeast-bacteria co-cultures under continuous cultivation

Dr. Alan Goddard: Reader at Aston University. School of Life and Health Sciences

- Title: Biotechnology at the cell MemBRane


Video: 🧬🔬 Control of yeast-bacteria co-cultures AND Biotechnology at the cell MemBRane.



Breakfast Club 6: Wednesday, January 10th

🦠Unlocking the Potential of Microbes: Dive into the world of microbial innovation with our latest YouTube video! Explore how microbes are revolutionizing the circular economy by integrating plastics and converting lignin into bio-based plastics using cutting-edge synthetic biology techniques. Learn about the transformative role microbes play in sustainable solutions, shaping the future of eco-friendly materials.



Prof. Tim Bugg: Professor of Biological Chemistry. The University of Warwick

- Title: Microbial conversion of lignin to monomers for bio-based plastics using synthetic biology

Dr. Jose Jimenez: Reader at Imperial College London. Department of Life Sciences

- Title: Microbial integration of plastics in the circular economy


Video: ♻️🦠🧴 Biotech, microbes, plastics, lignin monomers and contribution to circular economy


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