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Breakfast Club 10: Wednesday, March 6th

Dr. Cristina Gonzalez: Senior Researcher & Head of the Biotechnological Processes Unit, IMDEA Energy Institute

Title: Sustainable oleochemicals bioproduction from carboxylates via oleaginous fermentation.

Dr. Heike Sträuber: Senior Scientist at the Research Group of Microbiology of Anaerobic Systems, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research

Title: Engineering microbial communities for the conversion of lignocellulose into medium-chain carboxylate


🌏Unlocking Sustainable Solutions: Discover how cutting-edge microbial technologies are revolutionizing bioproduction. From converting organic waste into eco-friendly oils through oleaginous fermentation to engineering microbial communities to transform wood into valuable medium-chain carboxylates. @GreenERAHub  @Cell4Chem